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Melanie has been working with the older or “challenged” population at various centres for over 18 years.  She has a BSc. in Physiology from The University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and a “Certificate in Health and Fitness” from Simon Fraser University.  She is registered as a personal trainer with both the BCRPA and the American Council on Exercise as well as being an “ACE Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist”.  She was a nominee for the YWCA Women of Distinction award (2003) for her work with the senior population and nominated as BCRPA Aquafit Instructor of the Year (2006) and Personal Trainer of the Year (2008).
She recently (2011) received the BCRPA educator of the year award.

Melanie instructs in water and on land, has been trained by the Arthritis Society, as both a “Water Works” and a “Joint Works” instructor, by BC Women’s hospital, as an “Osteofit” instructor, and by the Vancouver Parks Board, as an instructor for cardiac rehab.  She has created and supervises a program for those in recovery from cancer or other debilitating conditions.

Melanie is also a Trainer of Fitness Leaders and teaches courses for advanced instructors in “Third Age”, "Modified Fitness Theory", “Adapted Fitness” and “Osteofit”.  She developed and teaches an “Adapted Aquatics” course for water fitness leaders.  She is a BCRPA trainer (TFL) for Fitness Theory, Aquafit and Weight Training and a supervisor for Personal Training, evaluating instructors throughout the lower mainland.

Melanie works and plays from a sports wheelchair and believes her major strength as an empathetic instructor comes from being over 60 and having to deal with the personal limitations arising from Post Polio.

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