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Melanie grew up in Point Grey, Vancouver;
She went to UBC for 3 years, but, on exchange in Scotland, switched to the University of Saint Andrews in Fife
where she obtained a B.Sc degree.
Back in Canada, she was a lab instructor at Queen's University department of biology before returning to Vancouver.
Melanie is Mother to three children and grandmother to three.

Melanie had poliomyelitis at age three and a half, and while she is very mobile, she realised that it is particularly important
to maintain what strength one has. Living in Vancouver, Melanie began teaching aquafit classes at Lord Byng Fitness Centre.

Experience with polio and post-polio have helped Melanie understand the special challenges which many people face,
with illness, injury and ageing and she is passionate about helping everyone be as fit as they can be, plus more.

Her classes are always cheerful; she smiles plenty, encourages active participation and her music library adds fun.

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